“People are too complicated to have simple labels”

(Philip Pullman)

Labelling people and situations around us is a cognitive-linguistic process and a natural way of simplifying reality. Our natural protective instinct causes our brain to categorize every single situation and aspect of the people around us. This allows us to create order of the multi-sensorial environment we interact with daily.

Simplifying reality means limiting your potential for success in both personal and business interactions.

The people who instead keep an open mind, observe and listen carefully can create unbelievable opportunities and strategies for a great success.

The point is: to be successful requires expanding your mind and your way of looking at your employees, your role and your goals.

- There is not a limited number of successful leaders. You can be the next one with your own personal brand

- Each employee or colleague is a valuable source of inspiration for successful strategies. You need to put aside all prejudices and labels you have put on them, listen carefully during all conversations, and pay close attention to all details in front of you. This focus will highlight the critical facts that can help you to build your own successful strategy in a creative and unique way and assist to achieving your business goals

- Never assume, always validate your understanding. If you think you are immediately sure about everything this maybe a sign you are labelling. Always ask questions during conversations with your clients, employees and colleagues to be sure you have understood the real “meaning” of the words pronounced by the person in front of you

- If you have set up clear business goals your brain will automatically catch words and will look for solutions and possibilities around you.

Taking into consideration the Image Consulting side: find your own style!

You can be inspired by all leaders around the world but remember, you need to go out every day from your house and shine with your own light so:

- be unique, trust yourself and your personal taste in your attire

- if you’re not confident with your dress sense, choose an item from your wardrobe that makes you feel comfortable and powerful for example; a perfume, a colour, a belt, a tie, socks or anything that helps you feel empowered. If you are still unsure ask your chosen expert image consultant to advise you.

Stand out from the crowd, being the same as others will only distract you from your goals and success.

Be the next…

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