You were born to win, but to be a winner: you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win”.

Zig Ziglar succeeded in a few words to summarize the Personal Branding strategy. There is no success without preparation, planning and expectation to win.

We are not all equal but we are definitely all unique and this is a fact.

Every time we imitate someone else, we question ourselves and our own talents, we fail to uncover what our talents actually are, thus limiting possible opportunities and success. Why? Because it is difficult for us to recognize our own talent or believe that they are a reality.

Lack of awareness leaves us behind. If we only stop for a moment to reflect, we could plan, prepare ourselves and be ready for victory by staying ourselves, and preserving our own style.

We must dispel the myth that "being oneself" means being spontaneous and without filters, and that the terms "planning" and "preparation" take away the merit of spontaneity. If you have a passion or a clear goal, whatever it is, and you feel it pulsing inside of you, you will put not only soul to feed it, but even more time and dedication in order to achieve it.

The potential that neuro-marketing could bring to the development of personal branding is interesting and it would probably be worth analysing some aspects.

Neuro-marketing is the complex of marketing techniques that exploit the neuroscience discoveries and methodologies to determine the most effective forms of communication to influence the decision-making processes of the consumer. Mainly used in the food & beverage sector, little in political communication and in clear development in online marketing, the neuro-marketing aims to analyse the irrational and unconscious processes that occur in the mind of the consumer and that affects the purchasing decisions or on the greater or less emotional involvement in a brand.

Coined by Ale Smitds in 2002, the term neuro-marketing uses neuroscientific techniques to have a more complete understanding of the consumer and create more effective marketing strategies.

If this was the case, and there are studies that prove this, a well-structured and planned personal branding project could positively influence outcomes in business with clients or personal career advancement.

Creating a coherent, attractive and unique image and style requires an intense self-awareness program.

Sometimes the work we need to do on ourselves is "unbearable" but we must make a start:

1. Set a specific, measurable, ecological, exciting goal that reflects your nature and your uniqueness

2. Dress each day in a coherent, harmonious way and with the right colours that conveys the message you want to communicate to the external world

3. Move in line with the style to communicate

The feeling of inner "lightness" when the world around us responds to our style is priceless.

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