“Awareness is power. The greater your awareness, the greater your power”

(Bryant McGill)

To achieve any goal, good self-awareness and strategy needs to be implemented. For some this comes naturally and for others requires training and hard work in order to achieve the desired results.

Let’s have an overview about how to set-up your strategic mind.  

Neurologically speaking, it seems and is agreed by the scientific community “the self” doesn’t involve the entire brand, but it arises from the activity of specific interlinked brain circuits. Objects of work in progress studies indicate that the now popular mirror neurons could play a huge role.

According to the Business Dictionary the word strategy is defined as: “A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem”.

Psychologist Daniel Goleman defines self-awareness in his best-seller book entitled: Emotional Intelligence “as knowing one’s internal states, preference, resources and intuitions”.

Now if we put together all the words just mentioned in the above, we have several interesting elements that need to be analysed singularly and then put together to create an effective strategy with good chance of success.

Together with these elements, let me add extra aspects from my experience I found relevant:

  • internal balance

  • focus (on yourself and your personal goals)

  • good sense of human behaviour observation

  • listening

Most people love talking, being storytellers and receiving compliments. They love to be on a platform and it’s definitely a good leadership quality, however strategy also requires:

  • calm

  • concentration

  • patience

  • observation

  • smooth steps


These elements allow you to test yourself, your environment and prepare you should a situation suddenly arise.

Consider calmness; the hardest part is to be objective as much as possible about the external environment and your internal resources. This will allow you to have good intuitions, make quick actions and react with promptness to external stimulus and opportunities.

Negotiations, diplomatic relations and great business successes are often the result of good due diligence and thorough preparation, with this in mind the risk of failure is highly minimised.

To sum-up, having or developing a good business awareness will allow you to see and predict events in advance and adjust your strategy accordingly.  

Life is like a poker game, take your time, analyse your hand, your fellow players, then make your moves with intelligence and shrewdness.

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