“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”

(Winston Churchill)

Have you ever met someone attractive, charismatic and persuasive, someone who when entering into a room attracts the attention of everybody? I have, and can confirm these people exist, they are few but they have an aura around them that it is unique and that makes them special.

They express a mixed feeling around them: reverence and attraction at the same time.

Who are these men and women and why they are like this?

These people have something in common:

1. ATTITUDE to life– They don’t blame life; they don’t complain about their past or present or even judge people, but they TAKE all opportunities around them and they fight for creating new ones in order to step-up from the crowd.

2. HIGH STANDARDS–they don’t settle for what they have. They want more and better for themselves because they think they deserve it and they can take the best from life.

3. PERSEVERANCE– They never give up. It will take time in order to achieve their goals but they know only time, patience and the right strategy will help them to find the way for achieving what they want.

4. LIMITS– They know their limits. They know their strengths as well as their weaknesses, so they are well aware of how to act in any environment to ensure they will achieve their goals.

5. PASSION– They have passion and you can see the fire in their eyes. They are addicted to what they do, and they are driven to known more and be more.

6. EMPATHY- They know how to approach people. They read and feel the emotion of the person in front of them. They able to tailor their speech and tone of voice during each interaction.

Most of time these people represent an icon of style and their light is so strong that it seems unattainable.

They are not necessary the most physically attractive people but are definitely charismatic.

Their way of dressing can be elegant or casual but either way they radiate style. In these people, clothes represent a life-style and an expression of their beliefs.

They feel unique and don’t follow the trends because they just don’t follow anybody, they trust their intuitions.

These people love freedom and have a free spirit. Rules are just suggestions and they know how and when to bend or break them.

You cannot change them, only accept them. It can be exhausting staying close to them, but if you observe them carefully you will learn a lot. However be aware of their naturally manipulative side.

Why did I talk about this topic today? I am a Business Coach and Image Consultant and I believe after working with this type of people that nothing is impossible, and everybody can potentially proudly say: “Eyes on me, ladies and gentlemen. I am the best”.

If you know what you want to be and what you want to achieve, your strengths and your weaknesses together can help you become part of this “elite”.

So, take a pen and paper and write down: what do you need to improve in order to be one of them?

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