“For my part I have sought liberty more than power, and power only because it can lead to freedom. What interested me was not a philosophy of the free man (all who try that have proved tiresome), but a technique: I hoped to discover the hinge where our will meets and moves with destiny, and where discipline strengthens, instead of restraining, our nature.”

Marguerite Yourcenar, Memoirs of Hadrian -

The power of history and some influential people can help us to understand who we really want to be in life. This is why we need to be very careful with who we listen to and especially what we hear. Not all words should be taken literally for our personal growth and not everybody is good for our self-development.

There are particular and crucial moments where we are the only ones who can find the right solutions for edgy situations both at work and in private life. In these cases, nobody can decide for us and we need “to be inspired by ourselves”. In practice, we need to work with our internal resources to provide a quick answer to face the challenges ahead in a effective way. Emergencies, danger and responsibilities constrain us to take out “silent skills” and act sometimes in unexpected ways.

“Be inspired by yourself “is the conviction that each of us has the necessary and internal resources to achieving the best results in that moment and in those conditions. If we stop noises around us, we will be inspired in how to act in line with our values and goals without being affected by external factors.

It doesn’t mean to act with no control but exactly the opposite: it means follow a natural and healthy self-process in steps:

  1. Be aware of the situation you are interested in solving

  2. Be aware and honest about your feelings about that situation or person

  3. Be aware of the circumstances around you (what you can change, what are your resources and what it doesn’t depend on you)

  4. Decide in line with your values and goals and not in conflict with yourself

It seems like a basic process but most of time we act on how our environment expects us to act and not vice-versa. Consistency and determination in what we believe with a real perception of the external environment can bring personal and business success. This process helps us to land with both feet on the ground, then take single steps in a smart and confident way. The results will arrive slow but with no regrets.

We are most of time content to follow insecure leaders (apparently self-confident but inconsistent in words and behavior) with no empathy and lack of vision about how to deal with other people, stress and deadlines. Acting as a leader of a company, team or in your personal life means to think about success in terms of self-satisfaction and self-confidence. Think about results in terms of achieving goals with specific criteria, integrity, consistency and determination.

It is proven that most great leaders craft daily rituals to improve their levels of concentration and help them with challenges and stress at work.

Create silence around you when the noises are too loud through meditation, inspiring books, music and activity - all this can contribute to your personal and business success.

Be inspired by yourself with the awareness that with your style and unicity you can inspire other people.

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