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About Me

Life is a continuous research of who we are and how we can express our best.

Image and Behavior need to match harmoniously if we want to succeed.


I'm passionate about making my clients feel unique, self-confident, powerful and proud of themselves in any circumstance of their everyday lives.

I am an expert in Personal Branding. I have worked for the United Nations, the European Union, Large Multinationals and specialised in communication for Pharma. I have spent the last 10 years working between London and Brussels and won several company awards for outstanding results in the style of servicing my clients. 

I am a Certified Advanced Image Consultant and Professional Development by London Image Institute, Fashion Style Institute of San Francisco and I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Program Business Coach by Richard Bandler.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to work with you and show you that Personal Branding is right for you!

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